It’s a global fact that Every year around ten million people in poorer countries die of illnesses that can be very cheaply prevented or managed, including malaria, HIV, tuberculosis and diarrhea. Tens of millions more suffer from persistent under nutrition or parasitic diseases that cause them to be less mentally and physically capable than they otherwise would be.
These diseases cause unnecessary suffering and death both to victims and their families. They also lead to a range of other negative effects:

  •  Lower educational attainment.
  • Lethargy and reduced ability to think and work.
  •  Worse health later in life.
  •  Higher birth rates to compensate for infant mortality.

In many cases these diseases or their impacts can be largely eliminated with cheap technologies that are known to work and have existed for decades.
SOJHRO is struggling to put its part to save the lives of the people who are losing their lives due to requirement of very pity amount on their treatment.