COVID 19 Relief 20 USD Per Family Essential Food and Groceries, Hygiene kit for a month as a relief for a family.
Orphans in homes 15 USD Per Child Orphan Children needs of nutritional supplements, Schooling and Health care
Water hand pumps 75 USD Per Hand Pump A Hand Pump for the Women for assuring their protection against harassment and abuse.
Schooling A Child 10 USD Per Child For books, stationary, school bags and other resources.
Granting Business support 75 USD for Small Business A Small business for most needy skilled as well unskilled labour in Urban and semi urban settlements
Human Health 05 USD for Treatment of 01 Poor Family For treating the families in far flung areas having general and specific health issues and need of medication.
Homeless People under open sky 500 USD for One Room Shelter Home for the Homeless (A Room built with local material for poor people).